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My aim is to delight readers with page-turning tales, characters that feel real and language that brings the story to life before their eyes. If I can surprise the reader and use stories or descriptions that stay with them and make them think differently then even better.

The Hand of Fire is the opening book in an epic fantasy series I’m calling¬†The Essence of Tyranny. The series will be my tribute to all the fantasy works you can find reviewed on this site. I’ve tried to include all the things I most love in fantasy fiction and combine them in a unique way. Did you ever have that ‘what if’ moment where as you were reading you loved the story but could imagine it being a bit better if it was tweaked a little bit? For me that’s what The Essence of Tyranny is all about. So it’s a coming-of-age story set against a backdrop of an existential threat to the world, with dark gods, demons, alien races, hordes of undead, martial arts and swordplay, desperate escapes, massive battles, vast sorceries. Oh yes, and there will be dragons.



Tamurac, Lord of the Halyas, is missing in the aftermath of battle. His wife, Charymylle, and teenage sons, Danalar and Nenbar, must now lead the clan in a time of change – if the warband and wardens will follow a woman and two unblooded boys.

The sorcerer-lord, Skraka Gorn, proposes alliance among the lands of the Grip. But can he be trusted, when his last alliance was a disaster for all parties except himself? And what is his relation to the inhuman Ulokan marauders who ravage the Borderlands? When a survivor returns with suspicions of Gorn’s treachery the Halyas must decide – do they join his empire and give up their free heritage for safety? Or oppose him and face annihilation in a new kind of sorcerous war?

Their fateful choice takes the Halyas on a journey that turns escape into an adventure, a quest for allies whose magic can stand against the dark master who wields the hand of fire.